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Cathie Waldie

 Cathie WaldieCathie Waldie

        I grew up in Winnipeg, rooted in the faith tradition of the United Church of Canada. My early spirituality was deepened through attending St. Mary’s Academy for five years of junior and high school. There I encountered a sense of holy mystery that nourished my soul and spirit. I was also influenced by the Mennonite faith tradition through a year of study at what was then Mennonite Brethren Bible College (now part of Canadian Mennonite University). After discerning a call to ministry in the United Church I attended theological college in Toronto. I served as an ordained minister for 36 years in several different congregations, retiring in June of 2020.

        My passion for spirituality has been present throughout my ministry, nourished by reading, learning events, retreats, and the exploration of a variety of spiritual practices. Attending to the spiritual dimension of my life has been especially important within a faith tradition that places a strong emphasis on social justice. I believe that we can’t have one without the other our spiritual practices help ground us for the important work of doing justice and bearing faithful witness in our world.

        I am a trained spiritual director through the Prairie Jubilee program and have been practicing since 2009. My special interests within spiritual direction are being open to people of all faith traditions or none, and helping individuals to discover ways of connecting to the Holy that best fit who they are.

        On the personal side, I am single and the parent of three young adults. Among my interests are reading, playing the ukulele, baking, gardening, canoeing, and enjoying the out-